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How to Confront the Media

Arizona is running an anti-mainstream media article entitled How to Confront the Media. It states:
It is time for accountability, not just mea-culpas and rationalizations. The Independent's Robert Fisk speaks today of "mice journalism" in Iraq. Are we mice?

Let's not laugh, snicker or be dismissive. This is a serious problem.

Mediachannel.org, the world's largest online media issues network, is waging a citizens campaign urging the media world: TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WAR!

We are also independent journalists -- reporters, writers, authors, commentators and filmmakers. And we are outraged.

*Outraged by all the complicity and collusion.
*Outraged by the refusal to report all sides of the conflict.
*Outraged by the silence on so many issues: war crimes, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, napalm, torture, civilian deaths and the targeting of journalists. Why are so many journalists being killed with no independent investigations? Reuters demands answers while most media companies say nothing.

Where is the outcry? Where is the shame? Silence confers assent.
It's a reasonable argument that both sides of the political spectrum could agree with. Indymedia's role in any of this is questionable however, the whole article was cut and pasted from another source. Never mind "accountability", we know there isn't any whatsoever.

Over on Melbourne Indymedia however, they have a wholly different way of confronting the media - beat the living crap out of them.

After recent anti-terrorist arrests, some friends of the accused beat a cameraman and several bystanders outside a Melbourne court. Melbourne Indymedia has photographs, links to video and apparently a whole lot of support for beating up cameraman who represent media they disagree with.
The incident occurred during an adjournment in a bail application by two of nine men, who have been charged with being members of a terrorist group.
Perhaps he [the cameraman] should learn to mind his own business or ask if he can take pictures of people next time?
So you're saying the next time the police see someone taking pictures of them at a demo, it's okay for them to beat up any protester holding a camera?
You must seek permission before you film people it's called respect.

If you don't have any respect for personal space you're subject to being punched in the face by an angry person who doesn't want to be filmed.
Here's some photos of such an "angry person"

Attack on journalist

The argument continues:
You can see what cowards these guys were. Five or more against one (the way they usually fight on a Saturday night).

You'll see a reporter clearly holding up his hand and saying "stop". The attacker then ADVANCES on him and throws punches at everyone.

You'll see one of them holding a man in some sort of wrestling move, while his mate goes in for the awesome knee to the head before dropping him.

Then you'll see them kicking the reporter repeatedly whilst he is curled up on the ground.
In response to this:
I have no sympathy for the corporate media parasites who copped it from this group. They pushed their luck to the limit, and the limit hit back. :)
This from the same group who consistently push their luck (and the law) beyond the limit but get terribly, terribly upset when police hit back. Apparently there are a different set of rules for the media. Except Indymedia that is.

This is the most active thread on Melbourne Indymedia at present. Keep an eye on it, it's quite an interesting insight.

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