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Political Football Part II

I previously reported on Ireland Indymedia's seething over an Israel v. Ireland Football (Soccer) match and protest aspirations.

The game was held, the protest took place. Here's what Twenty Major thought of it:
Now, we all know there's a little bit of tension between the Israelis and the Palestinians - something akin to the problems that exist between the northside and southside of Dublin but obviously not quite so intense. So anyway, these witless twerps launch a campaign with a picture of an Israeli number 10 shirt with the words 'Say no to apartheid' on it as a stinging rebuke of Israel's policies.

What Jim Bowen...spokesman of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign didn't realise is that the number 10 shirt is worn by a bloke called Walid Badir who is a Palestine Arab and one of the most popular players in Israel.

He also didn't realise that 30% of the players in the Israeli league are Palestinian Arabs, that an Arab team are the current champions and that football is one of the only things that Israelis and Palestinians do together which doesn't include plastic explosives, buses and caf├ęs.

Displaying heretofore unprecedented levels of asinine cuntery he said "To be frank I don't follow soccer. I am not interested in individual details."

So he's making a protest about something he obviously knows something about using a medium he knows nothing about. Now that's some good thinking right there. Bowen, who obviously is studying for a degree in 'How to be a stupid bastard', went onto say the inclusion of Arab players on the Israeli team was "window dressing" and described Badir as a "token Arab".

So after admitting he knows nothing about football he somehow thinks he's in a position to comment on the make up of the Israeli national team? Arsewipe.

[Wonderfully creative obscenity deleted]

I can never bring myself to trust a man who doesn't like football.
Hmmm... Making a protest about which the protester knows nothing. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

If you are over 21 (and I mean it), grab a pint of Guinness, head over to Twenty Major and read it all.

Looking at the Irish newswire and my recent comments, it's clear Ireland Indymedia has got a serious hatred of Israel. On one of the (relatively few) non-Israel articles, you can see their tears for Saddam Hussein being shown in his underpants and get a real feeling for why some in Ireland, like new blog Ireland Indymedia Watch (no relation) are mightily unimpressed.

As for the protest itself? Indymedia Ireland is reporting on it also (with photos) here.

Israelis came to the Dame St Protest to provoke a fight

Here's a picture of the counter-protesters holding their evil Zionist weapons of death:

Israeli protesters waving flags - Free Image Hosting at
Those provocative bastards! The one on the right looks particularly nasty, but never fear, if they came to the protest to provoke a fight as the article suggests:
they got what they wanted.
When protesters attacked them with placards. Non-violently of course!

Palestinian protesters attack Israel supporter - Image Hosted by
(Hat tip: Buzi)

Update: Welcome visitors via a comment on Indymedia Ireland. Have a look around, try to see my point and failing that, there's always this option.

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