Monday, June 06, 2005


Vancouver Policeman says Activists Looking for Conflict

Vancouver Indymedia is reporting on a Policeman's opinion piece that activists are deliberately interfering with police operations and seeking conflict.
Activists are now cruising Downtown Eastside streets looking for conflict with the law." ...These meddlesome folk have been deliberately stepping between police officers and suspects "demanding" to inform them of their rights by handing them something "claiming it contains legal advice."

Tonner's ill-conceived and inaccurate ramblings actually contain a veiled threat: "Every officer is trained to establish a safety perimeter in such moments. Anything could be handed to a subject being checked - a razor, a handcuff key, a gun...The activist will be warned. The return tone will usually be that of someone looking for a fight."
In other words, if an officer is trying to arrest someone, someone getting near them could at best affect the outcome of the case (evidence tampering) and at worse increase the risk to the officer and bystanders (weapon transfer). Preventing this would be commonsense tactics it would seem. Evidently this isn't a good enough reason for Indymedia however the officer makes some interesting remarks as to their possible motives for this behavior.
Tonner concludes by opining that "brazen" activists are actually trying to set police up "in (the) hopes of recording a scuffle for a civil suit."
Indymedia may argue he is "ill-conceived and inaccurate" however as a site in which the Police can do no right and all activists are non-violent irrespective of what they do, you'lll forgive my cynicism.

As for interfering with potentially dangerous Police arrests? If you kick a tiger in the ass you'd better have a plan for dealing with its teeth...

Proving once again that "activists" is often code for thugs, UK Indymedia is inviting 'activists' to Direct Action Training.
A day of discussion, skill sharing and hands-on workshops with an emphasis on affinity group actions. The morning will focus on the basics of affinity group actions; the how, why, what, where and when. Find out how to form a small group and work together to take effective action. The afternoon will be an opportunity to explore specific tactics and how to get away with them. Come and share skills with others: learn to hit them where it hurts!

There may be police photographers outside the venue [Can't imagine why - ed]: please do not be intimidated. You might choose to wear a scarf in this warm weather.

Proposed sessions so far include:
10.30am Introductions
11am - 1.30pm How affinity groups work and how to form them • Outline of some types of action • Decision making • What happens when you get arrested • Intro to security issues • Intro to some campaigns which have used affi nity group actions.
1.30pm - 2.30pm Lunch and networking time - bring vegan food to share
2.30pm - 6pm Mass actions - padding and dearrest • Accountable and unaccountable blockading techniques • Covert and smart actions • Security and surveillance • English and Scottish legal briefings.

Check nearer the time for the full programme and let us know if there is anything else you’d like covered or can offer.
How about a breakout session called "the law - why people don't take you seriously when you break it to prove a point".

By the way, DSEI is preparing to protest at "Spearhead" - a military weapons show. In other words, getting violent to protest for peace.

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