Thursday, June 23, 2005


UK Indymedia Scaring Americans

Via reader Annie, comes this piece on UK Indymedia - IS ISRAEL PREPARING TO USE US TROOPS AS HUMAN SHIELDS?

Long answer: No.

That did not stop the article linking to all manner of 'authoritative' blogs, conspiracy websites and other dross to try and scare concerned moms and pops in the US of A.

Another article on UK Indymedia which Annie pointed out - CIA REPORT - War Criminal Ariel Sharon a Brutal Pedophile suggests (ahem) someone on that site may have a particularly unsavoury point of view, and they are frequently using UK Indymedia to air it.
It seems, from a secret CIA evaluation, now circulating here at the White House, that Israeli Prime Minister Sharon, in addition to real estate swindles and the butchery of Arab civilians, is also a well-known pedophile with a penchant for sweet young Arab boys!
etc. etc. Yawn! Is rank antisemitism really the level of discussion on the Middle East?

In fairness, UK Indymedia have hidden that article, however it is quite clear they have a serious problem which requires an appropriate solution. Looking at what's still flapping on their newswire, fouling the air I doubt they have found it.

Oh geez. That Ariel Sharon = pedophile = war criminal = everything bad piece was just sickeningly... dumb.

I need to have another shower now.
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