Sunday, June 19, 2005


BBC Gets a Dose of The Reuters?

Some time ago, many bloggers including myself pointed out Reuters' royally offensive screwup which reported a Tel-Aviv bus bombing as breaking news, causing many a heart to skip a beat, despite not actually happening.

The bombing in question appeared to have happened years earlier and somehow Reuters screwed up.

I had a feeling, the BBC was suffering from the same problem.

Rusty Shackleford over at the Jawa Report has linked to this BBC report
A Buddhist man has been found beheaded in the majority Muslim province of Pattani in southern Thailand.

A note found next to the man's head claimed the murder was carried out in response to last week's arrest of a prominent Muslim student leader.
I thought it sounded remarkably similar to a beheading in the region of a Buddhist rubber farmer by Militant Islamists and searched for the original piece.

It turned out I was wasting my time. The current article is not a repeat and yet another poor soul has had his head sawn off by murderers.

What is interesting of course is that unlike beheadings elsewhere, this time, there is no foreign occupation, no US, no Jews and no convenient excuse for anyone to call the 'root cause' of this violence (besides simple Islamist terrorism).

What the hell have Buddhists ever done to anyone?

My prayers are with the victim's family. Forgive any misunderstanding of Buddhism, but may he reach nirvana.

Yes, I know none of this has anything to do with the BBC but I am now too upset to delete it all and start again. Anyway, the BBC is The Devil.

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