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Gdog has emailed to point out this post on Sydney Indymedia wherein Faruque Ahmed outdoes himself.
Jews and Muslims
Submitted by Faruque Bin Laden

The Israel Palestine conflict is not a religious one beside (sic) Muslims used to protect Jews.

Yet, Zionazis, Zionists, Jews love to attack Muslims and Islam based on false and manufactured reasons and grounds. (sic) So, may I ask the question, "why the hell 99.9999% people of this world reject Judaism”?

A reply referred to an all-time classic slapping from a few years ago:
You really are a stupid bastard aren't you Faruque?

You previously asked precisely the same question: "why the hell 99.9999% people of this world reject Judaism”".

I answered it, in possibly your most embarrassing hour as follows:
Not being Jewish does not mean someone has "rejected" Judaism any more than me being white means I have rejected Africa. What a naive argument.

There is also a very simple reason why Judaism is not as numerically strong as Catholicism or Islam and it is this:

Judaism does not proselytise.

That is, Jews do not try and convert others and never have. It is possible in some circumstances to convert to Judaism however it is extremely difficult to do so and generally not encouraged.

Contrast this to Christianity which has held crusades and proselytizes daily, or Islam which also had its origins in violent crusades by Mohammed to convert as many followers as possible that continue in some countries to this day.
In other words, your argument is not based on facts and largely meaningless, like most of them. As usual however, you ignored any response and continue to this day, to repost the same crap, again and again and again, with more links to stroke your shrivelled little ego..

So Faruque, why is it, that 99.9999% of Sydney Radio stations reject you?

This voice recording of Faruque (requires Real Player) on the BBC's website from a few years ago (hat-tip also to Gdog) may shed some light.

At least Faruque Ahmed will always have Indymedia. And a dozen Yahoo Groups.....

Well, I've been trying to get my wife to convert to Judaism without much luck. Its turned into a running joke between us.
It says a lot about the anti Jewish bias on Indymedia that Faruque Ahmed posts so regulary and is rarely hidden
A better point for Farque to consider would be that, despite centuries of living under Christian and Muslim domination, and despite passive AND active discrimination during those times, there was never a significant drift of converts from from Judaism to its offshoots.

So, one might ask, "Why did Allah's original, and most loyal worshippers, refuse to join the "updated" faith?"
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