Saturday, August 19, 2006


What Next?

A post on LA Indymedia asks What Next for the American Antiwar Movement?
The past month has seen largest mobilizations of anti-war Arabs and Muslims since the Jenin massacre in Palestine in April of 2002.
There was of course no massacre.

What next for the movement? I don't know, how about some basic honesty?

Perhaps not. Here is there grand blueprint:
Therefore the anti-war movement must prepare for a new round of mobilizations this fall and be prepared to respond to new emergencies. Three-and-a-half years after the invasion of Iraq, the anti-war movement must put itself on a new footing. We must build a movement that stands for self-determination, rejects vilification of Islam and openly embraces Arabs and Muslim forces, fights to cut ties with Israel and severs its allegiance to the Democratic Party. This will not happen overnight, but the people of Lebanon and Gaza have paid too high a price in their own blood for us to not take these lessons to heart here in the belly of the beast.

Todd Chretien is the Green Party candidate for US Senate, running against Sen. Dianne Feinstein in California. He can be reached at:
Well good luck with all of that.

Comments are even more deranged:
More on Zionist racism
When zio-slime can't refute, they attack
Smarter Yid
The democrats are just another bitch for Israel.
You're a Zionist. No, you're a zionist... No, you're a Zionist. etc. etc.


What do you think is next for the Antiwar movement?

The next thing for the “anti-war” crowd is likely full acceptance of the pro-war policy groups like Hamas and Hezbollah undertook years ago.

Oh wait, they already did that…
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