Thursday, August 17, 2006


We'll be There, Rain Hail or Stupid

A post on Indymedia UK reports the London Israeli Embassy protest cancelled due to the ceasefire.
The protest planned for the Israeli Embassy in London on Saturday 19 August has been cancelled. The rebuilding of Lebanon has begun.
A comment points out:
Stop the war may have cancelled their demo, but it doesn't stop everyone else turning up.
And when they're done with Israel, maybe they can protest outside the British Embassy, demanding Britain leave Hong Kong, as we all know the whole 1997 thing was just propaganda. Fight the Power!

Update: Via comments, What would you do if there was a protest and nobody came? Find out.

It makes a change to see one of these events cancelled. The usual form is for a big announcement of an "action" only for nobody to turn up. This of course leads to one of the infamous Indymedia UK "reports". This has been a trend over the past 18 months with ficticious reports all over the UK site about events that didn't take place. The most recent was a report of a protest outside an RAF Airbase where it was claimed "250 people protested against the war". A later comment on the post (which was of course hidden) proved the pictures were from another protest and that less than 10 people had turned up.
Link needs fixing...
Yes the famous Indymedia UK action reports !!!

I first became aware of these during the DSEI protests in London earlier this year. Several reports were filed and posted to the UK newswire which talked about massive numbers of protestors and the Excel centre being blockaded. This was all complete fabrication but despite a number of people (myself included) emailing the Editorial Board and posting corrections nothing was done. Like the earlier poster said photos from other protests were used and again this was not correctd when pointed out. Indymedia UK has become a joke in activist circles and that's a shame.
"A comment points out"

Isnt this a bit silly for a blog entry? A comment on a post on UK Indymedia is hardly a statement of anyone consequential and generalizing from the comment to any group seems a but absurd. I could say I found a racist comment on Indymedia Watch and laugh about it implying Indymedia Watch was racist but comments on mosts sites are not moderated and mean little. Chances are the guy who still wants a protest posted the comment from some other part of the world...
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