Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Denial Despite Being Caught Pink-Handed

Code Pink were recently busted for Airbrushing Protest Babes and altering a photo from a brave Iranian womens' protest to support their own, rather different agenda.

Over on Pittsburgh Indymedia, they refuse to accept the image was altered, and they were caught out, and are insisting the whole thing is a right-wing conspiracy. Someone linked to a cache of the guilty Code Pink page. This was summarily dismissed:
It's a redirect, not the real Code Pink website.
This was done of course, because Code Pink replaced the image as soon almost as soon as they were caught. This was widely acknowledged, however numerous sites (including mine) had already captured the image for posterity. Some responses point out the obvious:
It's a screen capture, Brainiac, so what's your point? That's what it looked like before the fakers started getting hammered by the bloggers. It's amazing what you'll find in the cache when you go offline, but Code Pinko, and you, apparently is too stupid to know that.
Anyone with common sense understands the point of the screen capture - to show what they did. We all know the site has been changed. They've done what you did with "Die like a Dog", but the whole blogosphere caught them red handed.
The denial continues:
oh really? Let's see some proof.
Asked and answered:
Think you can comprehend this, NAMBLA boy?
Apparently, that's not good enough...
You call that "proof"!?!...That's an unsubstantiated allegation by some right wing blogger.
This theme is repeated:
Why should we believe any of these...are not forgeries planted by right wing propagandists? It's not like they never forge anything on Indymedia.
That's the kind of people these right wing trolls are. They forge. They lie. They are totally lacking in scruples. You can believe them if you want. I prefer evidence.
In other words, Indymedia is the truth, anything else is unsubstantiated allegations or forgeries by evil right-wing bloggers... Fortunately, others had seen the same posts I had (and later linked back to this blog as well)
We can thank the Melbourne indymedia for confirmation.

This thread was posted on January the 13th of 2006, and lo and behold, what's at the top of the page? And what's the link in the body of the first post?
... View it before they obliterate it.
A prophetic statement, as a very large number of the comments on that page appear to now be missing.

Fake, but stupid, you might say.

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