Sunday, January 22, 2006


Bin There, Done That

UK Indymedia, is also jumping on the whole "Fake Osama" conspiracy theory. Osama isnt (sic) Osama: when its (sic) morphing technology

And apostrophes isn't... Never mind.
OK, I hardly have to tell you that that isn't Osama. Lol But, for the record heres the link to a 1999 Washington Post article on voice morphing technology developed at Los Alamos. Send it to anyone you know who is dumb enough to think that was ACTUALLY Osama.
Ah, the true sign of quality journalism - inclusion of the term "Lol".

This is of course, an acronym for "laughing out loud" and something UK Indymedia prompts repeatedly.

Unanswered by the article, is why they would need to convincingly fake Osama bin Laden's voice using this 'voice morphing' technology, rather than simply announce "yes, it's him".

Also unanswered, is why they would fake Osama's voice, when his mere survival is (despite denial) surely embarrassing to the Administration.

None of this matters of course, when you are simultaneously convinced that Osama is really a CIA/Mossad agent and had nothing to do with 9/11 anyway. All of these theories and more, explored within Indymedia. Search for them on this site.

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