Friday, January 20, 2006


Airbrushing Protest Babes

Last week, I commented on so-called Protest Babes and theories surrounding the attractiveness of protesters in relation to the popularity of their cause.

Read it, for it is good.

As part of that post, I included this image:

which I originally found on Melbourne Indymedia.

Via Michelle Malkin, I now know that the image was actually a Photoshopped version of this:

which was a photo of women in Iran bravely protesting the country's Islamic leadership before Iran's presidential elections last summer. This image was copied and altered by Code Pink for use as a recruiting tool for a group who may not share the same ideology as those in the picture it 'borrowed'. More at Publius Pundit, here.

It had me fooled.

Update: Leigh has links to other examples of Photoshop Propaganda.

Update: The victims of this photographic fraud have issued a statement.

They can try, but they can't hide.
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