Monday, January 23, 2006


When is a Demonstration not a Demonstration?

Demonstrations without a permit have been banned in London's Parliament Square.

UK Indymedia will have none of that, and have produced a Video.
The video was filmed at parliament square as people demonstrated various things but obviously didn't demonstrate in a political way because that would be naughty too close to the heart of the nations parliament where politricks are the order of the day...
They "demonstrated" how to peel a banana. They "demonstrated" how to lie down, and most of all, they "demonsrated" how unfunny and sad they were. Nobody was arrested.

The law banning protests in Parliament Square was intended specifically to ban moonbat Brian Haw, who has been holding a non-stop "anti-war" protest there for over four years (he started by protesting against sanctions), making a huge nuisance of himself in the process.

Now, here is the good bit: The law, written specifically to get rid of him, was so incompetently drafted that it does not cover his protest!
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