Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Quick...Get the Tinfoil!

Via Oklahoma Indymedia
ENMOD is the attempt to alter your environment so that you are more amenable to a takeover by a Foreign Power. This Foreign Power has sometimes been called the New World Order and it is composed of secret societies and religious sects whose ideals are many times at odds with true American ideals, as outlined in our Constitution.

This ENMOD technology was unleashed FULL force on Americans right after 911; in fact many believe 911 to have been a diversion to allow the New World Orders technology to be used against Americans directly, dissidents in particular.

We have pictures of early testing of this chemtrail technology, going all the way back to buchenwald prison camp in nazi germany, but the technology as it exists now was deployed without restriction as top secret SECURITY technology right after 911, and like the income tax, it is not going away unless we make it go away. And like all this foreign governments ideals, it is not good for you.
Reading Indymedia however, is good for you.

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