Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Burden of Proof

UK Indymedia remains convinced, that just like 9/11 and every other terrorist attack worldwide, the bombing of the hotel in Amman was perpetrated by Mossad.

This is notwithstanding Islamist groups taking credit for it, written off as mere propaganda.

I have previously commented on the Logic of Lunatics and their low burden of proof requirements before insisting they, and not the majority of educated society, knew the truth. This, when coupled with a clear Jew-hating agenda, results in a dangerous mix. Spread far and wide, like so much manure, by Indymedia.

I have even raised this in my highly regarded "Exclusive Interview with Osama". Seriously, what does it take for some people to believe it wasn't the Jews?

A Koran,kaffiyeh and a hookah all found amongst the dead and dying.
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