Saturday, November 19, 2005


Sydney Indymedia Stuck on Stupid

Since my previous report on the Death Threat against Donald Rumsfeld appearing on Sydney Indymedia, the site appears to have cemented its role as a nutcatcher. Comments in the post started with typical whackjob 'calls for justice'
Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz should all be arrested and tried for war crimes.
and then presented 'evidence' why...
911 was an inside/plus patsies job, and Rummy knows it.
A further comment highlights the insanity:
It's fun to occasionally check in at this place and see the conspiracy theories bend and twist like some steadily worsening mental illness, but this set of posts truly takes the cake.

Look at it this way - what will you all do with your lives after Bush leaves office in 2008? Will you even last that long? What if someone like Gingrich, Allen, Guiliani or McCain gets elected? Worse, that Condolezza Rice is Pres or Vice Pres? How might you complain about her success without denigrating her, a single, black, successful female? Or if she loses to Hillary? Could Liberalism and radical leftism be any closer to death at this point? At some point will it become clear that complaining about the other side won't win over the so-called "Jesusland" you scoff so haughtily about?

I just don't think it's possible for you people to get any more worked up or go off any further into conspiracy la la land. Even if it is, it surely can't be healthy...
But this isn't to be heard:
Yes folks, there is no doubt, 911 was an inside job.

The evidence is irrefutable but I'd still like to see an idiot like "sane" try.
The official "911 - Arabs did it" theory" is not supported by facts and evidence. That is why the US government has kept so much evidence secret and only conducted half baked inquiries with narrow terms of reference that didn't even look at all the evidence.

Most of the scepics and critics of the official version of 911 acknowledge that jets were flown into the towers and pentagon. What is important and in dispute is who did it and why.
This 'revelation' is followed by a stunning challenge:
The article clearly shows with a scientific approach that the towers could not have come down without the aid of explosives. If you disagree point out the flaws in the article. If you want to believe a fairy tale that's your business but don't start sooking when your faith based beliefs fall apart under the glare of scientific scrutiny.
Could Sydney Indymedia possibly get worse?

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