Saturday, November 19, 2005


England Versus Australia

No, not cricket or rugby, but another contest between Sydney Indymedia and UK Indymedia as to which site can be the worst. After my previous post detailing Sydney's bile, the UK aren't far behind with this entry concerning Holocaust revisionist David Irving's recent arrest in Austria.

Your thoughts on Irving's rights to free speech versus his habit of denying such a crime as the Holocaust, are irrelevant. The discussion on UK Indymedia revolves around (naturally) Israel and includes such gems as:
find history to be so very interesting and the more you learn about any specific period, the more you come to understand that the official version is a long way from the truth.
But when you look at german history 1900-1945 there a lot of things that don't fit the picture.
The american connection with I G Farben and the connection to the Bush family and how the I G Farben building was the only one left standing in Frankfurt I would really like to do more research into how the nazis built their formidable armed forces, but it seems that is not allowed.
as well as other retch-inducing commentary justifying the Holocaust in terms of the Palestinians (for a charmingly simple answer to accusations of a Palestinian genocide, see here). This is followed by worn-out arguments about the term "anti-semitic" and its equal relevance to Palestinians as well as usual insistence that Jews cry "anti-semite" too much.

They don't.

That this call would be heard on Indymedia however comes as no surprise whatsoever, not that any of this (i.e. Israel) really has anything to do with David Irving.

Continuing their contest with Sydney, UK Indymedia follow this with arguably the shortest conspiracy theory ever entitled "So, where did "Al Qaeda" really come from?", and reprinted here in full:
Al CIAduh !
Finally, an article asks whether UK Police should be armed (most are not). A rather uninteresting debate follows, punctuated by this comment:
Dead Cops Now!

Of course they shouldn''t be be armed - we should.
Sydney is going to have to try harder...

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