Tuesday, October 18, 2005


World Still Waiting...

Bay Area Indymedia is reporting on the latest problems for the organizers of the "World Can't Wait" (until 2 November anyway) protests.
The Field Operation Bureau has denied a parade permit to The World Can’t Wait national protest scheduled for November 2nd. The permit was denied on the basis that it will disrupt traffic especially on a weekday because the march will at one point proceed down Market St. Organizers are now fighting for the opportunity to file for an appeal to the County Board of Supervisors to overturn the police department’s decision.
But why did the organizers choose that location?
There are a number of reasons for choosing Market Street to protest. The first reason is that this was the street that people gathered on the first day the Iraq War started [approximately 50 -ed]. Second Many other symbolic protests have occurred on this street. Third, that this protest corresponds to the national protest.
The first two don't seem like terribly compelling reasons not to relocate. The last point has nothing to do with the venue whatsoever, merely the date. What's the real reason?
Finally, this protest is meant to halt business as usual, to get people to leave work and school, and bring attention on to those who are doing the same.
In other words, the precise reason given for denying the permit in the first place.

Hold your protest if you want, but you have no right to stop people going to work or cry foul if you get called on it.

The choice of venue has been a problem in the past. Come Correct was protesting the protesters.
If there's one thing the people of San Francisco do with vigor and fervor, it's protest...like seriously....they seem to protest about every falking chance they can. If it's not the war in Iraq, it's Mumia Abdul Jamal, or Leonard Peltier, or offensive t-shirts, or Hummers, or work conditions at the Gap, or Old Navy, or jesus...just about anything....I'm seriously surprised the city doesn't have special funding to compensate every whack-job in this city with material to make a protest sign.
Ok....Don't get me wrong, I do honestly believe you should speak out for what you believe, and if something's bullshit, you call bullshit on it. What I *really* don't understand are the people who are into protests as a social scene. I'm very sure there's a San Francisco protest email list out there somewhere announcing where these dirty hippies should show up from event to event with suggested slogans for their signs, etc. I'm sure they draw straws each time for which person is gonna work the bullhorn and get everyone all riled up. These jokers aren't even protesting because they're really pissed about something, it's just the means they use to get together with like minded people and, you know, try to get laid...I mean, do whatever you wanna do ok, just don't clog up Market street on Saturday while I'm trying to pick up some threads from some multi-conglomerate sweatshop that chains 15 year olds to sewing machines and oppresses the entire third world.......my ass needs to look freshly dipped.... recognize.
Update: Via the comments, a reader has looked into who may be behind this group.

melbourn imc is not better
I recently did some research into this group and posted it on my blog. http://windmillsonthehill.blogspot.com/2005/10/new-front-group.html

WCW looks and smells like a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party.
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