Friday, November 11, 2005


Newsflash: It's all the Jews' Fault!

BC Indymedia confirms: Every single conflict, every single terrorist attach, every single Arab/Muslim riot and every single bomb blast worldwide, was performed by Jews or the US.

No really!
"Where there's smoke, there's usually fire. Where there's reports of "senseless Muslim terrorism" there's almost always the hand of the Israeli Mossad and / or US government "covert intelligence operatives""
Scratch a little below the surface of corporate establishment propaganda, and we find the same pattern over and over. Virtually all the so-called "Muslim terrorist attacks" have the earmarks of Mossad and CIA operations all over them.
Furthermore, usually the reports are invented or distorted by Zionist owned media outlets. Meanwhile, the CIA, Canadian military, US military, Israeli military, British militiry, MI5, MI6, etc. injure, torture and slaughter hundreds of people every week in hot spots (like Afghanistan, Haiti, Pakistan, Iraq([search]), Palestine, the Congo and the Philipines) in conflicts that they manufacture and foster, though totally ignored by the Zionist owned and controlled mass media.
In other news, Indymedia confirms yet again, it should be closed down.

Altogether now:

'Meanwhile,...Canadian military,...injure, torture and slaughter hundreds of people every week in hot spots'

Now I know they are lying.

Canadian military?
It took you until that line to work out they were lying?
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