Friday, September 02, 2005


Genocide in New Orleans

The victims of Hurricane Katrina are on everyone's mind and in everyone's prayers. Over on New Orleans Indymedia:
I was seriously hoping that I would not have to write this article
But you did didn't you...

A disgraceful article on New Orleans Indymedia, Genocide in New Orleans argues (before the bodies are even cold) that
Regardless of whether the deaths en masse of poor black folks in New Orleans is due to neglect or maliciousness, the end result is constructively a genocide on poor blacks in America, right now, in 2005. The lack of aid to New Orleans at this late hour (7 pm, Sept. 1) is not explicable. I have only one explanation that I can muster up. And that explanation is classism and racism.
It wouldn't have anything to do with flood waters, lack of roads or armed looters. No way.

You can probably guess whose fault it really is... Subsequent comments by the author:
APparently the US Gov WANTS poor black people DEAD in N.O.
The conspiracies get even wackier:
not helping is the easiest way to let all these people die without violating the humanrights. racism undercover!
If Joe Vialls were still alive he'd surely claim the US and Jews actually caused the hurricane as well.

Why does all this sound vaguely familiar? Oh that's right, because after the Asian Tsunami, while most people offered money or assistance, Indymedia's contribution was smugly pointing out it was also part of a greater conspiracy.

Those who are complaining the loudest about capitalism will naturally have donated exactly zero to the victims.

An utter disgrace.

They're censoring the comments to that post too, for added lunacy value.
The author of this disgraceful genocide article herself previously said:

"After giving IndyMedia a fair shot, I am through with it. "


"I have recently decided to quit posting to Indy Media Center (IMC) websites due to the unmoderated open comment areas at the end of the articles."....

"It makes good writers want to leave. Like I am."

And now she's back, presumably on some narcissistic condition that the IMC Stasi censor in her favor. So much for freedom of speech and freedom to criticize hatemongers..

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