Thursday, August 25, 2005


Pick a Cause already!

According to an article on NYC Indymedia, a Critical Mass ride has been dedicated to Jeff "Free" Luers.

I have previously reported on Jeff Luers here . He was sent to jail for setting fire to cars at a dealership in Oregon. In some peoples' eyes, being arrested for arson makes him a political prisoner.

I always understood Critical Mass to be a pro-cycling (or anti-car) activist group. Why have they apparently taken this cause under their wing? Responses in the comments are rather telling:
Stop trying to co-opt Critical Mass for some other cause! I ride CM because I want to support the rights of cyclists in the city, not because I support some guy who set SUVs on fire. And simply because of the nature of the ride, who are you to dedicate it to anyone?
It does appear to have been hijacked. Another response says:
i dont think it matters whether you are riding support of jeff and eco-activism memorial to the 11 cyclists who have died on nyc streets this year
...cause you're sick of breathing stinky air
...cause you're sick of being run over by drivers thinking they OWN the road
...or cause you wanna get crazy, dress in a ROBOT or ALIEN costume, decorate your bike, get together with other bikers and have a good time at an afterparty.

what is important is that you are riding in critical mass!
Wrong. I would hate to attend a function or gathering for a cause I support only to find out later that I contributed to the headcount of those in support of an arsonist, terrorism, communism or whatever.

Pick a cause and stick to it. If your own movement doesn't have the numbers, there might be a reason for it. That doesn't give you the right to get a free ride on someone else's.

Speaking of which, support Support Land rights for Homosexual Whales!!!

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