Friday, August 26, 2005


Indy Media Watch Goes to the Movies

I watched Deuce Bigalow II, European Gigolo last night.

Yes, I know.

The movie itself was predictable, full of gross outs and the hate him or hate him Rob Schneider. Despite that, I actually enjoyed it. Whilst it's usually an insult to say the end of a film was the best bit, in this case, the subtitled freeze frames where we get to see how the characters end up (e.g. "Deuce Went on to have twelve kids" etc.) were hilarious.

My favourite bits however were when the movie followed in the footsteps of Team America, World Police by sticking its finger right up toward pointlessly anti-American sentiments in Europe, Canada and the entertainment industry. Janene Garofalo gets attacked from behind! Whilst it should be troublesome that a Pro-American film also features a man eating out of a toilet and a women with a penis (sorry, Mangina) on her face, the film doesn't take itself seriously, so neither should we.

Leave your brain at home (with Indymedia perhaps) and watch it if you get a chance.

Update: Rob Schneider responds beautifully to a bad review... Ouch! (Article or PDF Download)

Update: I swung past Chicago Indymedia to see if they were reporting anything on the disgrace that saw a local paper reporting for two years on a US father and soldier serving in Iraq and ultimately killed, who never actually existed. (Update: A comment advises I should have looked closer to St Louis than Chicago. No harm, they didn't have anything either.)

They weren't. I did notice however that someone there was also reviewing movies, including the same one as I. Different people have different taste, so his review and mine don't require comparison. However, the comments show some people really don't have a sense of humour.
How are Hollywood film reviews in the least bit relavant to the Chicago Indy Media site? If you were reviewing indy and semi-indy films like "The Corporation" and "Supersize Me" that would be one thing, but "Deuce Bigalow" and "The 40-Year Old Virgin"????? Come on JJ! In addition to being a complete waste of valuable space on the CIMC front page I can't believe that you're willing to waste so much of your time and energy on such a pointless endeavor.
Is it more pointless than say, BOB DYLAN BLOCKED THE BEATLESS FOR 13 CENTURIES which also occupies Chicago Indymedia?

Meanwhile, some people take the alternate viewpoint much too seriously:
The radical left cannot afford to ignore mainstream activities whether political, popular or otherwise. I've passed out leaflets outside of The Corporation (for StopCat), Fahrenheit 9/11 (for CCAWR) and a couple other movies. Others did the same. Why don't we do the same for fictional films that have messages that support our various endeavors? The Manchurian Candidate would have been a great place to pass out information about corporate influence and campaign finance. One can expect a similar warning about the power of multinationals in the upcoming The Constant Gardener. Not everyone in Hollywood is as ridiculous as Jerry Bruckheimer. Anti-war and anti-globalization messages come from unexpected places and we should be able to respond to that.
You'll be thrilled however to note the Chicago Indymedia movie reviews don't cost anything.
As per the recommendation of two CIMC editors I've invented a role as a CIMC Critic. CIMC does not pay for my trips to the movies. I sneak in at my own risk.

Just one quick point, Carbondale, IL, the location of the hoaxed paper, is at the southern tip of Illinois just a stones throw away from St Louis, not Chicago.
Both Nashville & Indianapolis are closer than Chicago.

Though on the other hand, 2/3rds of the vote fraud in IL occurs in Chicago, the rest in Southern Illinois, so they might have something in common.
Thank you for pointing that out. I have updated the post accordingly.
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