Sunday, August 28, 2005


Well put...

Indymedia Ireland Watch emailed me to enquire as to the origin of the "Idiot Media" logo I used previously.

I found it on Evil Pundit and do not know the original source (Update:Evil Pundit designed it). A Google search for "Idiotmedia" led me to this summary:
Idiotmedia is a hate filled, racist, criminal, dishonest, brown supremacist message board. You want to believe it is a news site, but it is not. You may have started with the high ideal of 'let the people publish the news', but, sadly you let it be hijacked by hate mongering fools, and that is your fault.

Idiotmedia has become worse than the 'corporate media' it hates and sought to replace. And because every idiotmedia site around the globe has been successfully hijacked by fools who could care less about your 'pro peace' stance, fools who let you publish a few of your 'pro peace' bits here and there, to keep your support, and to keep your cover, you arent going to get your idiotmedia back. Its done. The original aim as noble as it may have been, has been sacrificed by you for allowing fools to control it.

For the record, I made the 'Idiotmedia' logo using Photoshop and an official 'Indymedia' logo.
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