Saturday, August 20, 2005


On the Gaza Withdrawal

A feature article on Washington Indymedia has already written the Gaza Withdrawal off as "a ruse" and is calling it Israel's "so-called" withdrawal. Tell that to the "so-called" former Israeli residents of Gaza who are no longer there.

Sydney Indymedia isn't even bothering with the latest developments, rather making news up altogether:
The young Palestinian university student just finished his day at the Najah University in Nablus and startedhis way home to his villages "Seir" weast of Nablus. His name is Bashar Fakhri Al-Qadri, 22 years old. The israeli soldiers stopped him at a barrier, tied his hands and threw him in a hole exposing him to the heat of the burning sun.After 2 hours and after he lost consciousness, the israeli soldiers took him out of the hole and threw him on the road to sty lying uncinscious without first aid or sending him for treatment. A passing Palestinian in a public car took the youth to save his life at Toulkarm hospital. But" Bashar" the young university student died before reaching the hospital.He left this life by this outrageous murder done by the israeli military in the occupied West Bank near Nablus. This murder was comitted the day before yesterday,on Tuesday, 16.8.2005!
Smell something? Me too. Aside from the material itself, the spelling gives some clues as to the credibility of the article. This was immediately pointed out:
Thank you Faruque Ahmed for another poorly spelled and totally baseless piece of anti-Israel lies.

By the way, who is Gazza?
Whilst I already knew you fabricated all of the above, a Google search for "Bashar Fakhri Al-Qadri" showed that this post is literally the only reference to that name on the WHOLE Internet! [This blog entry will bring the total to two - ed]

If you are going to invent news to spread anti-semitic lies, you could at least make an effort...

You know... Before you are "comitted" to an asylum.
Who is he talking about? Why this guy of course.

Meanwhile, the clearly fraudulent antisemitic article has been visible on Sydney Indymedia for at least 24 hours with no sign of being removed. I mean, that would be "Censorship" wouldn't it?
When it comes to antisemitism and general uselessness on Sydney Indymedia (among others), despite occasionally encouraging signs to the contrary, it seems nothing changes.

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