Friday, August 19, 2005


Another Protest...

Also via DC Indymedia, comes news of a November 2nd protest under the working title of "DRIVE OUT the Rotten Bush Regime!!!"

Apparently as elections simply aren't good enough:
Drive Out The Bush Regime is waging a national all-outt effort in calling on millions of people to take part and organize to make November 2nd a day where THINGS WILL BE CHANGED and people’s actions are inspired by the understanding that they are TRULY taking independent historic action. The outreach and mobilizations leading up to November 2nd need to be based on and in line with a day that sends shockwaves throughout the world and makes clear this is a day that is giving birth to a movement that will not stop until this Regime is driven out.
If you say so. But will it be "non-violent"?

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