Monday, August 15, 2005


Huge Erections...

Japan is having an election on 11 September. I just mention that to justify the title of this post which will hopefully frustrate numerous Googlers.

Meanwhile, another election was held in the Southern Hemisphere. The Australian franchise of "Big Brother" ended today and Sydney Indymedia are discussing the winner.

It came down to two finalists. One, is described as:
Tim Brunero, a young journo who works for UnionsNSW launched himself in the House saying that he 'really didn't like that [Australian Prime Minister] John Howard.'
He apparently had the full support of the local Communist branch:
It has been really heartening to see the Australian public fall in love with Tim, and all the values he stands for. He stated what he believed in at the very beginning of the show, the rights of the workers

Tim is officially supported by Unions NSW

On May 12, a resolution at the weekly council meeting called on delegates to support Tim as part of the campaign to protect the industrial relations systems.
It's good having a young worker so openly supporting the trade union movement inside the house and Council urged all delegates to spread the word among their members friends and family to ensure that Comrade Brunero stays on Big Brother by evicting any of the other housemates.
Is Big Brother really the depth of material discussed at their meetings? Who said socialism was irrelevant? Let me guess... The revolution will be televised.

By the way, he lost and Sydney Indymedia is seething:
The eviction of Tim...and, hence, the Logan brothers being the winners of 2005 Big Brother on Channel 10 exemplifies all that is wrong with commercial television
Erm... No. Big Brother exemplifies this. The contestants on said program - all of them - contribute to it.

The remainder of the comment gives an interesting insight into those that would support whatever it is that 'Tim' represents. Referring to Tim's opponent:
a pretty boy, who offered nothing than a "laid back Aussie bloke with the motto "no worries" and a "you beaut" pearly white smile!
Sounds like a nice guy.
Whereas Tim, the runner up, offered intelligence, growth, humour, support, empathy, kindness, generosity of spirit and an overall 100% input into the psychological and physiological aspects of the experience that is "Big Brother".
Who also sounds like a nice guy. Who lost.

Who is this diehard fan of his?
I am a 37 year old, university educated, professional who does not fit the stereotypical demographic this show targets. I did not miss one prime-time episiode all season, I watched many "up-late" episodes and all "uncuts". I voted numerous times and I love the concept and social intrigue this show provides.
Especially the 'socially intriguing' shower scenes I'll bet.

Thirty seven years old and didn't miss a show? I wonder if he also lives with his Mother? But wait for his tantrum:
I will never watch the show again as I am disgusted in the "democratic demographic" that obviously controls the outcome of this show.
I have a sneaking feeling you will be watching next year. You are the television equivalent of those who threaten to emigrate some of the greatest countries on earth after a fair govrenment election result you disagree with. You never do...

The "democratic demographic" he is so bitter about is of course also known as the majority. It's a conspiracy I tell you...

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