Wednesday, August 17, 2005


All Your Base Rhapsody

If the heading of this post means nothing to you, don't bother clicking here.

Merging a stupid movie memorable for one line of awesome Engrish with a painful MIDI recreation of a bad song... whoever came up with this idea should be shot.
Maybe /you/ should be shot after having your Johnson cut off because you are so wrong about this lol. It's brilliant and amusing - at least to people who followed the All Your Base craze five years ago. It's really well done. And I am not sure what movie you are referring to - All Your Base comes from an old video game called Zero Wing. So nyah-nyah-nyah-nah.
Not my Johnson....Man....I need my Johnson!

(See if you can pick that reference)
Had to cheat - THe Big Lebowski. It's been too long since I watched that flick.
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