Sunday, August 21, 2005


Candy Store

I tend to avoid Bay Area Indymedia, simply because given my role at exposing stupidity, lunacy or sheer hatred in my blog, visiting Bay Area would be like a fat kid walking into a cake store.

Every now and then though, I look and it usually takes me about three seconds to find something. In this case:

Fascists Don't Resign. They Must Be Removed

Mussolini? Of course not. The author is referring to noted uber-fascist George W. Bush and mini-fascist Karl Rove. In so doing, like so many others who shout "Fascist" and "Nazi" for cheap political thrills, he/she is ignoring the millions of bodies piled up as a result of each, for some tacky political point-scoring against democratically elected leaders.

Having visited and inspected what's left behind in a few countries that endured Communism, Nazism and Fascism, all I can say is (and read it carefully): If you loath George W. Bush, you are entitled to. That does not mean the elected American leader is in fact a fascist. If you believe this, get on a plane and visit Germany, Russia or Hungary as I did several years ago. You might learn something. At the very least, read Wikipedia's definition instead of blindly shouting words you don't fully understand.

The tone of the article does however raise an interesting question when it says:
What the enlightened left here in America needs to...[ask] why anybody from the Bush regime hasn't resigned as a result of exposed crimes and human rights violations such as torture, illegal invasions' and mass genocide of innocent civilians
How can the "enlightened left" being rallied by the article argue that fascists must be removed, and in the same breath oppose the war in Iraq which achieved precisely that?

It seems rather contradictory until you read on and 'learn'
On September 11th. 2001 the Bush regime and the U.S. Military murdered 2800 Americans in New York City by attacking the World Trade Center with civilian aircraft in an attempt to make it look like terrorists instigated the attack so the already planned War on Terrorism could be launched so that American Conservatives could so completely grasp at the illusion of Global domination.
And it was making so much sense until that bit...

That article is missing a grand total of one word: Jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos.

It does have Jim Crow mentions - bonus moonbat points for that though.
At least this Indymedianite can spell "fascist". Most of them can't even manage that.
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