Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Flag Burning 101

At this point, I think it's safe to say that Flag Burning Day was (mercifully) an abject failure.

Presumably everyone was too busy trashing Corporate Neocon Shopping Trolleys in Scotland this weekend.

The organizers (or maybe not) have established a flag burning website in the lead up to this next Flag Burning Day.

It includes a primer - Flag Burning Day 101 which features such insight as:
A few words about technique and safety are relevant here, we don’t want anyone looking like a fool, or worse, hurting themselves or someone else. We must first make sure we have a fire extinguisher handy when burning flags, lest the flames of freedom leap too high and burn off our eyebrows. We should be looking to burn our flags in something that can withstand the heat; a grill or a fire pit is a great place to do this. Its also probably not a good idea to burn flags that belong to someone else, we stand in support of our rights, not of stealing. Most flags sold today are flame resistant, this means you’ll need to use some sort of accelerant, gasoline or candle oil should work, or perhaps brandy if you’re feeling especially celebratory. What ever you pick don’t use too much and remember the safety tips from above.

Arson, endangerment, disturbing the peace, these are just some of the bogus charges we could get slapped with for utilizing our constitutionally protected rights. We’re not lawyers and so this isn’t legal advice, but the least risky way to go, may be to have a party at your house and burn a few flags in private, on your grill. Invite lots of people over and have a blast. For the more daring of you out there, you could crash a party, a parade or throw your own street party and march, but we can’t be responsible for the legal fallout. Each state and town has its own laws so do some research and evaluate your personal boundaries well before you do anything.

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