Friday, May 27, 2005


Caption Contest

The International Solidarity Movement has for a long time used Indymedia as a publicity source. Here is the latest example via Chicago Indymedia. I have tended to overlook it as there are enough Israeli/Palestinian blogs without adding this one. Reading the article for a change however prompts me to ask some questions which perhaps someone can answer in a comment or via email (see left sidebar).

Firstly, the group is called "International Solidarity Movement" yet their domain, suggests a rather one sided approach to "international". I'll come back to that thought.

Secondly, the article gives a biography of one of the ISM members arrested in the protest the report covers.
Nathan Stuckey grew up as one of nine children in rural Cumberland County (Illinois) near the town of Montrose. After graduating from the University of Chicago in 1998, he accepted a position at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange where he has worked for the past five years. He became involved in the issue of Palestine after starting to read about the Middle East in the wake of the "911" tragedy.
Question: Why the scare quotes around 911? Not convinced?

Coming back to the agenda of this organization, I note last week's various news reports that the Palestinian Authority plans to demolish Jewish homes. My question to the so-called "International" solidarity movement is whether they will be joining arms and standing in front of the bulldozers in a similar manner to the protests they undertook when Israel tried to destroy homes used by terrorists.

In any case, a photo of one of the ISM members up a tree has prompted me to host my first caption contest just because everyone else seems to. Multiple entries are welcome via the comments. First prize a cheque for $100*

Protester in a tree - Image Hosted by

*Cheques will not be honored.

Coping a feel, zionism at its most base.
Stupid Hippy-Eating Tree...

(with apologies to Charles Schultz)
Do you really want to know what happens when the tree hugs back?
barking (mad) up the wrong tree.
Somebody get the entry level activist with the bucket! I feel a familiar urge in my bowels.
"Activists chain themselves non violently to olive trees in Palestine, prior to their slated demolition by Zionist colonialist bulldozers (US supplied) for construction of the apartheid wall". Photo by Reuters. Commentary by the local PLO representative.
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