Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Blogging to Music

Leigh over at the House of Wheels has tagged me in a blog-based chain letter. In his email to me, he swears he would never do these by email, but because it's sent via blogs, it must be okay.

I keep trying to fight his logic, and am loath to do it, but like staring at an ugly person, can't resist. Here goes...

1. Total volume of music on my pc: 3,311 songs totalling 16.93Gb.

2. Songs playing right now: None actually. I find it a thorough distraction when working (unlike say the distraction of blogging). For what it's worth, the last song I listened to was Bran Van 3000's Astounded featuring Curtis Mayfield. I have always liked this song which jumps between genres several times and goes from violins to disco via Cuban and back in five minutes. Can you tell I'm not a music reviewer yet?

3. Last album purchased: What's an album? Seriously, it was everyone's favourite chillout CD Moon Safari by Air (French Band). I've had it in various media for years but a new copy was on sale in the $5 bin. Record executives pay attention: If music is cheap, people will pay for it!

4. Seven songs I've listened to a lot lately, from several genres: I'm not going to include the various "Crazy Frog" themes which I have heard ad-nauseum on the television, radio, websites and numerous cellphones. This is additionally difficult as I don't listen to my own collection that much, getting bored rather quickly and have got into Internet radio in a big way. There's some great stuff coming out of Holland and even the ads are amusing (briefly) as I don't understand them. Here goes:
a) Beastie Boys - Fight for your right to party. What can I say? iTunes seems to like playing it, I like listening to it.

b) Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger. My one Supertramp CD has been on high-rotation since my car's CD stacker got stuck on it.

c) Sasha and John Digweed - Expeditions (off the Northern Exposure series) a nice bit of dancy upbeat background music

d) Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells, the MIDI version of it from www.tubular.net. How's that for a different genre? No, I am not kidding and wanted to see how faithful a reproduction it was of a record I loved listening to when I was younger. I was also considering the merits of inflicting a twenty-six minute long ringtone on my workmates, particularly the ones who got scared watching The Exorcist.

e) Zero 7 - Pretty much all of their stuff. Great to chill out to or have going in the background when you don't want to work too hard.

f) Chumbawumba, Tubthumping. Yes, I have been out drinking quite a bit this week and my local venue seems to put this on at 9pm religiously. A one-hit wonder but a terrific song to drink to. I think the bar owner knows this...

g) Styx - Come Sail Away. another 'rock opera' type which changes style a whole lot. I was unfamiliar with this song until I heard Eric Cartman sing it on South Park (it's the song he has to sing in its entirety if someone hums the first few words of it). I had to find the original. I now know this is what the other kids were listening to while I was listening to Tubular Bells.

I'm supposed to pass this stick on to three others, so courtesy of my referrer logs, Evil Pundit, Environmental Republican and Sister Geoff, it's all yours.

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