Thursday, May 26, 2005


Silly in Philly

Philadelphia Indymedia is running a piece entitled Googling for Fun Can Be Depressing. The gist of it is that the mainstream media simply can't be trusted. There is of course considerable truth in that assertion and it's interesting reading. It claims however:
The alternative media in the U.S.--both print and internet-based--have played a critical role in forcing what amounts to our "government-run" media--CNN, Fox, NY Times, Washington Post, CBS, ABC, NBC, etc.--to report honestly.
Which "alternative media"? I do hope the author wasn't including Philadelphia Indymedia in that "critical role". Not when several inches up the newswire is: Evidence 911 inside job with Mossad help, link to Oklahoma bombing, and Congress is passing Noahide.

Ahh... More "evidence".
There are some other interesting links to the Israel Mossad complicity and high Talmudic US Zionist officials in carrying out the 911 attack
Viewing Indymedia is as such far more depressing than Google! Speaking of which, would the people who keep coming to this site via Google searches for "Scrotal inflation" please die already. The person who came here via a search for "Vialls madman" is however quite welcome.

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