Saturday, May 21, 2005


Shocker: Indy Media Watch Accused of Hate Crime

Someone posted a comment on my recent post about Sydney Indymedia's latest offensive piece on women which says:
There are times I suspect you just don't like australians.
Actually, no. I love Australians as do most of the (free) world. What I do not approve of, is Australian Indymedia. There is of course a difference unless you can prove that Aussie Indymedia is representative of anything down-under other than lunatics and radicals. The evidence I have provided here on numerous occasions would suggest otherwise.

I have looked over my various entries (and my favourites, see link on the left sidebar) and can see Sydney (and to a marginally lesser extent Melbourne) got quite a bit of my attention. There are two reasons for this. One, the content on those sites simply deserved it. Certainly, Sydney is screwed (as someone so eloquently put it here).

Secondly, I tend to keep returning to some Indymedia sites as I find something on one of them and keep watching it to see 'what happens' to it. The downside is I probably focus on some sites and consequently miss a lot of stuff on other IMC sites although some of my readers do send me tip-offs which I invariably explore. Whilst there are numerous Indymedia sites, and it is difficult (excruciating?) to watch all of them, much of the material is repeated verbatim on each site. So it doesn't ultimately matter if it's Vancouver, Sydney, Buffalo, New York or Russia, someone is writing precisely the same crap about the same people and ignoring real issues where something like Indymedia could make a difference if its leadership weren't so irresponsible (or just plain nasty).

Here however (courtesy of Melbourne Indymedia) is someone who does actually hate Australia and is suggesting a boycott of it. What? No Fosters Beer? No Russell Crowe? Surely there are places more deserving of a boycott. (Cue tumbleweed)....

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