Sunday, May 15, 2005


Extremist Views

Seattle Indymedia's front page is featuring Extreme Views ... Rarely Shown.

Try to follow the logic:
Most in Israel and Palestine seek a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict there. But, there are some extreme and powerful forces with different ideas. We often hear about the so-called “terrorists” in the region but how often do we associate that term with Jewish settlers who are violent?
So-called terrorists? You mean the ones who carry so-called explosives onto so-called schoolbuses and deliberately murder so-called children? Or the so-called gunmen who shoot so-called pregnant women?

There may be a good reason you don't hear as much about "Jewish settlers who are violent" in much the same way you don't hear about militant vegetarians who are violent, environmentalists who are violent or anti-abortionists who are violent. That is, they are such a statistical minority they are insignificant. Compare Israeli and Arab television for a primer in who's inciting whom.

And here in the US, we hear much about the powerful “Jewish lobby” supposedly responsible for our policy there. But, how often to we talk about the Christian Zionists and the influence of the religious right on Middle East policy?
Excuse me, the only reason we "hear much about the powerful "Jewish lobby" is because of antisemitic conspiracy outlets such as Seattle Indymedia. Perhaps you are hanging around the wrong people?

Finally, in promoting their film on the subject:
We regret that this provocative program falls within the Jewish holiday of Passover. We know that many folks will be celebrating Seders with friends and family.

I'm sure they're just kicking themselves that no Jews will attend. My heart bleeds...

The first thing I learned about news writing is that if something is "so-called," then so call it.
A good post, but bad comparisons: most vegos ARE militant - they write on Indymedia and hassle cops. There was also a good story recently about environmental terrorists, who destroy homes built in the wilderness. Plus, Greenpeace are pretty good disruptors of the peace. I suspect they're also vegetarians.

I'm seeing a so-called trend here...
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