Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Iraqi Hostages

Rusty Shackleford has produced a series of interviews the latest one here with the families of Americans being kept hostage in Iraq.

This comment is a sad reflection on the state of the media.
"There is more coverage about the Michael Jackson Trial than I'll ever want to see and other trivial matters.... Things like that make the evening news, but nothing about my father, for example, who has been held hostage now for over 6 ½ months. I find this to be an outrage."

--Carrie Hallums Cooper, daughter of Roy Hallums, a civilian contractor who has been hostage in Iraq for 6.5 months to date.
This problem of hyperfocusing on some issues, while largely (if not totally) ignoring others is a major problem for the Mainstream Media's balance. Balance is something Indymedia could readily provide and it is considered a key to good reporting. Indymedia however won't. Not when they could just be spending their energy protesting to legalise drugs anyway.

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