Sunday, April 24, 2005


When Bravery and Baking Skills Collide

David Horowitz was about to commence his presentation detailing "the leftist domination of college campuses" when:
Suddenly appeared a person, a brave person, a person with a whole bunch of drive and determination.
And this brave, driven person....... Threw a pie at him.

Over on Madison Indymedia, an argument has broken out. The Right is saying:
I love what passes for intellectual discourse on the far left these days. A bunch of thugs who can't stand that someone actually has a different opinion...
And people wonder why police have to be at these protests
We know the nutty lefties have given up on winning elections. Their new strategy seems to involve pie-ing people they disagree with. That's gold, Jerry, gold.
The Left responds:
All you right-wing hacks are pathetic. do you think that coming to this website and denigrating anyone who is concerned with social and economic justice is a form of political discourse? you are just trying to disrupt the effectiveness of this website. that is not discourse. its just childish. grow up.
As "childish" as say, throwing a pie at a public speaker?

Random additional "political discourse":
Damn, I wish I had thought of that one when Churchill was here. It would take a while to get the pie out of his long hippy hair though
Good thing Horowitz doesn't have any hair. Just a dry rinse will do.
better to pie than to bomb, says i. besides, horowitz is a demagogue, and you can't engage someone like that in civil political discourse. i say hell yeah, let him know that we know that he is a fool.
I really feel uncomfortable sharing this, but I just discovered that there was a negative sex act named after Mr. H. Yes, it's called "the horowitz."
Horowitz is the clown. that's the joke. clowns are funny because they try to act dignified when they trip, or, get a pie in the face. pieing is funny becuase it difinitively identifies the person getting pied as a clown.

compare this to the effectiveness of those who dismiss 'activists' and 'protestors' as clowns. . . shouldn't we then be showing people like horowitz, daniel pipes, the mendota beacon, college republicans, for the clowns they are?
The people who continue to justify this type of silly prank/crime need to grow up. How do you expect anyone to ever give any of you nutty lefties respect when this is the type of behavior you exhibit? You, of course, are welcome to do whatever you want, I'm just sayin' you might further your causes a bit more if you weren't so childish and moronic.
DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY CHILDREN THAT PIE COULD FEED?!?! The pie was for the children. You wasted the children's pie! What about the CHILDREN!?!?! I'm sure there are thousands of Iraqi children who would have loved that pie and you wasted it!!!
Don't miss Pie Man's web site. A truly revealing look into the mind of the mentally deranged Madison Left.
And finally:
Horowitz gets his just desserts
Thank you, and goodnight.

Whilst this is silly at best, numerous hardcore 9/11 conspiracy pieces spammed elsewhere on Madison Indymedia and on Maine Indymedia amongst other IMC sites are disturbing.

Video of the (obvious) demolition of World Trade Center Seven together with video of the (less obvious) demolition of North Tower.

By all means watch it, and never forget.

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