Thursday, March 31, 2005


What the hell is eBay selling?

I have previously noted a a slight problem with eBay's automatically generated keyword based advertising on Google.

Evidently eBay has not noticed. Behold the following screenshot:

eBay image of scrotal inflation for sale, Image Hosted by

In case you were wondering, relax. This is why I was looking up scrotal inflation, I swear.

Oh and in case you were still wondering, no, eBay doesn't really have any great deals on scrotal inflation. At least not at the moment...

Update: Via one of the comments, someone has suggested it may not be eBay but an affiliate looking to make money via their referral scheme. eBay should still pay heed. This is wrong on so many levels...

Notice the "aff." in one of the ads? These are affiliate links, that is, someone who has joined eBay's affiliate program whereby you are paid a comission each time you direct someone to eBay that either registers, bids or buys an item.

eBay isn't buying these keywords, members of their affilate program are, and eBay doesn't keep track of where the links are coming from, just which affiliate should get paid if that user buys something, etc.
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