Tuesday, March 29, 2005



Seconds ago I proposed automatic spell checking to the whole Internet as a means of reducing insane conspiracy theories and their host sites.

Looking through my Web Server Logs has shown me the rather interesting search queries by which people find this blog and its contents.

Firstly, hello again Steven Cuzner of Sweden whomever you are. Secondly, Google searches have included: "articles about homesexuals" (presumably someone who has sex with homes) and "asia sunami usa conspiracy testing nuclear weapons" which lead to my delightfully witty commentary on the UN and the Tsunami, and drew to my attention a typo, which I have left standing thanks to the traffic it's obviously bringing.

Anyway, looking at the errant searches, kan you notise a concistant patten?

Finally, I am thrilled that people are searching for "un, corrupt" and imagine they won't have a hard time finding results on which to draw their conclusions.

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