Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Interesting Googlin'

I look through my web server's log statistics from time to time to discover via what referring site people visited this blog.

One of the more interesting types of referral is from search engines where you can see the specific search query which yielded your blog as a 'hit'. I discovered someone came to my site via a Google search for "Indymedia moonbat".

More interestingly, at the time of writing, one of the articles on my blog (Indymedia Goes Country) is the very first returned hit of about 552 for that search. This surprised me. I would have thought an Indymedia would come up first, but Google has surprised me (and probably annoyed Indymedia) once again.

For those still unfamiliar with the term moonbat, it's a (usually derogatory) term used to describe a little too far-left wing activist types. I am always quick to remind people the far-right occupy Indymedia as well, and mustn't be ignored. More often than not these days you can't tell the two extremes apart. This is the most 'interesting' phenomena.

Coming in a close second on Google is UK Indymedia followed by this example of the blurry line between far-left and far-right.

I'm glad that you're watching indymedia. Too bad you can't get anyone to watch your site.

I get a few visitors here and there. Comment numbers are generally low, but that happens to much bigger blogs than this. Usually due to a case of "what can one say?".

Webserver statistics tell a different story. I never aimed to be the world's biggest blog, and indeed don't want to be lest my real-life suffer accordingly.

What I do hope to provide is a repository of the problems with Indymedia such that they will one day be adequately resolved (either by Indymedia getting some sense or an external party doing it for them).
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