Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Google News in The News Again

Rusty Shackleford's MypetJawa is the latest blog at the centre of controversy over what blogs are and are not indexed by Google News (note I am referring to the Google News index, not main Google search engine index).

Mega-Blogger Charles Johnson notes:
Private Radio has a list generated by a script, of Google News sources for the United States. Since they’ve now dropped Jawa Report, can we assume they will also be dropping Electronic Intifada, Jihad Unspun, uruknet.info, AlJazeera.info, infoshop.org, antiwar.com, and many other hard-core Islamist and anti-American sites that feature prominently in their news search results?
Indymedia has previously been blocked by Google News.

Only in Israel previously reported the inclusion of the Hamas terrorist website and asked similar questions about the double-standards (at worst) or sheer incompetence (at best) of Google's assessment criteria for newsworthiness.
The specific branch that used the word "zionazi" hasn't returned to GoogleNews since and Nazimedia is closely monitored and edited now that branches of it are back in GoogleNews.
It seems, according to a Google News search for "Zionazi" which returned this entry that not only is Indymedia back in the Google News Index, the standard is no better.
I traveled around the United States for the first four years of the traitor bush appointment here, as he did his experimentations for his zionazi mastes in israel, all perped in Americans with no regard whatsoever to public health.
It seems "experimentations" in spelling have suggested "mastes" "perping" things in [sic] Americans. See also my two most recent comments below (or here if you are on an archive page) on the link between spelling, Google and nutbag conspiracies.

All brought to you of course, by Indymedia.

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