Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Overestimating Importance...

UK Indymedia is currently hosting an article entitled This is very important - Putin assaination attempt.

Evidently it wasn't important enough to give it the once-over with a spellchecker. What an ass.
This is information that you will not be able to access for long (ways will be found to define it as: "conspiracy bollocks"; "anti-semetic" & "non news"). So make sure that you read every word and understand the unrefutable proofs therein.
Err... Irrefutable. When you look at the author's credentials and level of proof, it really won't be hard at all to find ways to "define it as conspiracy bollocks, anti-semitic" (note spelling). Contrary to the poster's paranoid hysterics however, it will be accessible for quite a long time on the website of its author, one Mr Joe Vialls, whose distillation of stupidity has been previously reported on in Invest in Oklahoma Tinfoil. Conspiracy bollocks? Now why ever would we think that of the man who also informed us the US and Israel were responsible for the South-East Asian tsunami (and this was actually one of his less grandiose claims).

Oh here it comes:
Links in well with the news that an attempt on Putins life has been made.


Or you could attempt to insert your head where the sun don't shine, put your fingers in your ears and go "blah blah blah" and generally engage in character assasination and messenger shooting.
Okay then...

And now, a picture of the author going blah blah blah...

Ruprecht - Joe Vialls Blah Blah Blah, Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

One respondent offered some sound advice:
You have a real problem and you need help - quite seriously, if you're posting links like this as serious news (because you believe it) then I suggest you get tested for schizophrenia. The earlier you get help the more easily the symptoms can be managed.
Another offered a thorough refutation of the piece. I see no real point. To a sane man/woman the article roundly refutes itself. Nevertheless, the response did ask the question:
If the 'zionists '[code for Jews] were capable of all of this, without ever being discovered, then, as I say, they must be damned clever chaps.

Reading this and various other articles around Indymedia, I propose the following idea. An automatic spell-checking filter on the Internet's core routers, which summarily deleted any article with bad spelling or grammar. I am certain this would reduce wild conspiracy theories tenfold with a very low rate of false-positives affecting intelligent or remotely sane commentary.

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