Thursday, March 24, 2005


My Favourite Posts

Nazis and Commies and far right-wing looneys
Pinkos and Greenies and far left-wing mooneys
Serving up hatred on IMC hosts
These are a few of my favourite posts....

Evil Pundit very kindly linked to this blog in a comment on Little Green Footballs where they are presently discussing this post on San Diego Indymedia, or what Little Green Footballs' affectionately refers to as Nazimedia. I don't call it this as I wouldn't wish to exclude the radical-left from Indymedia's various problems.

In any case, it caused me to compile my favourite posts as an introduction to Indymediawatch if you will, to give new visitors a quick taste of what I've discovered. You'll probably want to gargle afterwards...

I will leave a permanent link to the post on the left-hand side for the benefit of new visitors.

Certainly looking over my numerous posts showed a consistent pattern. A disturbing one at that. I've had hate-mail and praise, links and condemnations. I've even had some Indymedia Bigshots leave a comment here and there.

Certainly I haven't seen any dramatic improvement on the part of Indymedia and despite some IMC sites closing down in a fit of honesty, in many cases, no lessons were learnt at all by those which remained. The site and the concept could be so much more, yet it refuses to grow up. A shame....

I do know many want nothing to do with Indymedia. Not only does this include people who disagree with its content, it also includes activists and left-wingers, the predominant target group of the site (if there is one). Sites like Democratic Underground have filled the void left by Indymedia. Much of Indymedia's original support base would be shocked to see what has happened to it. Ignoring a problem however doesn't mean it goes away. There is no question Indymedia is a problem and I say this as someone who believes strongly in the principles of free speech and knows the problems of the mainstream press. I also believe however that free speech should not be an excuse for hate speech, libel or dishonesty.

Finally, note the favourite posts is only a summary, there's a lot of good stuff buried in the monthly archives. Please grab a cup of coffee, some disinfectant and half an hour or so to look around. I'd love to hear from you.

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