Wednesday, March 30, 2005


NYC Going Broke and Offending other Species

NYC IMC is broke according to the statement on their front page:

We're "Unique," "Invaluable," an "Important Resource." These are just some of the comments supporters have sent us in the last few days. But we're also BROKE. If we don't get your support today, NYC Indymedia may not be able to continue in the ways you expect! Please DONATE now to help keep us going strong! [Read More]

So in other words, if they fold they may not be able to continue in the ways we expect like this or this:
Overcoming Speciesism - Toward Nonhuman Emancipation
Author of Speciesism and Animal Equality: Language and Liberation, Animal rights advocate Joan Dunayer defines this form of prejudice as "a failure, in attitude or practice, to accord any nonhuman being equal consideration and respect."

Followed up with this observation:
How come all the presenters at this event are human?

Sounds pretty speciesist to me!
Until this panel is opened up to woodchucks and shrubbery -- to say nothing of the mighty Scotch Oak -- I will not be dignifying this event. Plants are tired of human speaking their behalf!
And to think, if they don't get at least ten-grand real soon, we might miss out on this kind of stuff!

I'm enjoying your blog. What cracks me up is that Indymedia did raise the money it needs to, because it is acutally unique and well-utilized.

But my favorite is that you've linked to two articles, one of which was rated down by site users for being stupid, the other that was hidden by site moderators for being incoherent.

Your arguments are basically bullshit.

And again: The only time my local Indymedia receives long chains of anti-Semitic crap is -- get ready -- when THIS BLOG links to an article.

Funny, huh?
Several points:

1) Some Indymedia sites are better than others. Good for them, however it's unclear which one you are referring to. I assume however it's NYC. In that case, I suspect you'll find your local community demographic plays a part in the relative normalcy of the site compared to other Indymedia sites.

If you try comparing it to other cities without 2 million Jews and you'll probably see different results. Try London, Vancouver, San Francisco or Sydney for starters.

2) In response to your other entry on this blog I pointed out a culture of Indymedia blaming the victim of antisemitism for perpetrating it. Do you actually believe your own bullshit?

3) The specific examples you refer to are quite dated as is my entry. The problem has quite obviously not gone away and denial on the part of Indymedia really doesn't help anyone.
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