Monday, March 21, 2005


Miami (Ad)vice

The Terri Schiavo story is dominating news worldwide. I would have assumed Indymedia contributors to have an opinion, possibly even a unique one, on this matter. Life, death, human-rights, euthanasia, medicine, this has it all. But what do you think they are talking about on Miami Indymedia? Do you think at the very least they could copy an article or two such as this must-read for human rights activists?

Not bloody likely.

A few hundred at an anti-war rally, nothing much to see.

There's also this:
When we sent in a videographer into Fallujah - an American who was the only unembedded videographer to go in and risk his life every single day. And the Iraqis took him in, risking their lives every single day. He got incredible footage of the war crimes that the US has committed in Fallujah, including the use of chemical weapons that were dissolving people’s skin, including the corpses that were rotting in the streets eaten by dogs and the US military did not even allow the ambulances to come in. He got this footage. He came back, flew directly to San Francisco. Was on his way the next day to Santa Barbara where he lives. He was in a hotel. Went out to eat. In the meantime somebody broke into his car. And broke into his hotel. They only stole one thing. Guess what it was. All of the videotape. All of the videotape. That is the length that the US government is going to now to keep the truth from the American people.

Okay then...

But what about Terri? Let me guess, the (evil corporate scum) mainstream media are doing such a fine job as usual, Indymedia just doesn't need to report on it, at all, concentrating instead on typical rhetoric. Either that, or nobody at Indymedia felt the need to report on this major story despite Indymedia purporting to be a 'news' and 'media' organization.

Either way, Indymedia is demonstrably irrelevant yet again. Say what you want about Terri Schiavo, it's past-time someone removed Indymedia's feeding tube...

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