Thursday, March 17, 2005


Priceless Stupidity

An article on DC Indymedia discusses a disagreement between Hebrew University Israeli history professor Moshe Zimmerman and Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League.

The poster claims triumphantly that The ADL has been given "the finger" at long last.

This is then followed by numerous excessively CAPITALIZED rants of typical form. Buried in there however was this:
Your words and actions speak for themselves and don't need my help. Look how excited this lame topic got you - not just here but spending a good portion of a day cross-posting (spamming) this on hundreds of sites across the internet.

Thanks for proving my point - that you can't see beyond your hatist racist rage:

MH> [ADL] advocates in favor of gay rights

JA> Lots of affluent Jews who contribute to the adl are gay.

True or not, so what?

Ah, for you it's about the "affluent Jews", eh? As if non-affluent gay Jews do not contribute to the ADL? As if non-Jews and straights don't contribute to the ADL?

The fact that gays are comfortable within the ADL, the fact that the ADL is comfortable with gays, and the fact the ADL advocates in favor of equal rights for gays speaks much louder than your hatist racist nonsense.

MH> [ADL advocates] against religious displays in public spaces

JA> Jewish organizations have often opposed religious displays/expressions in public places because Jews in the U.S. have been at a distinct numerical disadvantage

Thanks for explaining why the ADL is on the correct side of this important issue of our time, that it understands minority issues, and that it is an ally opposing President Bush's and the religious right's conservative agenda.

The fact remains that the ADL is on the left side of this issue speaks much louder than your hatist racist spam propaganda.
JA> Jews, it's all back to *me* *me* *me* !!

So it's not OK for a Jewish group to monitor and complain about anti-semitism?

It's comical that you can't even see how ridiculous you sound. Who but a racist would blame the victim for speaking up for himself? But then, you probably also oppose African American groups that speak out against racism.... So either you are a hypocrite when it comes to Jews, or you're a racist.

The fact of the matter is that, again, the ADL is on the correct side of an issue - and YOU ARE NOT! We should be supporting the ADL and other groups, Jewish or not, which fight anti-semitism as well as other forms of hate, bigotry, racism and discrimination. Not condemning them for doing so. Duh!!
The bottom line is that you despise the ADL because it is a Jewish group. For this "sin", you attempt to (in typical racist fashion) rationalize away anything good about the organization - until only what you don't like remains, and thus in your small and hateful mind it becomes pure evil.

JA, you need to take a long and hard look at yourself. If you are not a right-wing fascist shill posting on left-wing systems, you need to think about why you all too often come across that way.
Maybe because Indymedia is abused by just those groups?

As well, if one reads the original article in Israel's Haaretz Newspaper, one could conclude that Foxman was intervening where a university had failed to draw someone to task. Similarly to its activities in the US and certainly no 'finger' was given, literally or metaphorically. Instead the ADL is merely preventing double-standards in its impressive task of fighting racism.

It's obvious numerous commenters don't bother to read the articles but the presence of certain keywords (I'll let you guess what they are) result in an automatic activation of the hate-bots.

Priceless? I think not. Maybe about half a cent on a good day...

Update: Like so many similarly disgraceful pieces, this article has been spammed verbatim on numerous Indymedia sites worldwide. Looking at the dialog which followed on some, there is no question the intent was to further undermine legitimate accusations of anti-Semitism by arguing "if a Jew said it, it can't be anti-Semitic" (ergo ruthlessly disproportionate criticism of Israel above any other country can't be either). In other words, the person who posted it would love to 'stick it up' the ADL and saw this as his chance (notwithstanding the reality of what actually took place). I guess some people who are fighting a morally bankrupt ethos take what they can get...

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