Thursday, March 17, 2005


Faruque Ahmed Caught Out

Faruque Ahmed has been caught out. If I were referring to Bangladeshi cricketer of the same name who keeps driving search traffic my way, I could make a cricket joke (if I knew anything about cricket). I am not however, and it is no laughing matter.

The Faruque Ahmed in question is this rodent, previously reported on who scurries around the Australian Indymedia sites and periodically pops up elsewhere.

In one of his textbook postings: Zionists are Fascists he has linked to this image as proof of his accusations that Israel deliberately targets schoolchildren and is responsible for incitement of hatred. Look closely.

See the problem?

I'll give you a hint, look at writing on the boys' t-shirts.

It is obvious this photo was staged by Arab children dressing up as sterotypical Jews. What's more frightening (but sadly predictable) is that young Arab children are playing with what looks to me like a very real gun.

Worst of all, is this photo is being used for exactly what was intended, incitement to hate Jews. Regrettably for Ahmed, he was caught out:
I couldn't help but notice the "Israeli children" in the photo you have provided are wearing tee-shirts in Arabic.

I don't suppose they are really Palestinians engaging in their usual violent playtime, and then being used by you as fraudulent anti-Israel propaganda?

That wouldn't happen would it Faruque?
Needless to say Faruque Ahmed never responded, preferring instead to post more of the same albeit with different photos this time. Certainly there was no attempt by the excreable Sydney Indymedia editorial committee to do anything about it. You know... Free speech man!


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