Thursday, January 18, 2007


New Funding Found

Regular readers will know Indy Media Watch has previously been accused of being on the Mossad payroll, CIA payroll and MI-5 payroll.

Now, via a comment on Melbourne Indymedia, we can reveal another one of our funding sources.

In response to our recent post concerning a blogger under attack, paranoid Australian lawyer and Indymedia type, Tom McLoughlin, who has previously commented on this blog, says:
For those not aware there is this rather nasty attack site for IMC haters:

as for this Sunday 14th January 2007 below, but let me say as a preface, as a new blogger and strong supporter of the IMC concept, I think IMC and blogging are quite complimentary. Indeed a collectivist model of organising helps offset limits of the individual, and keep honest the blogger service providers.

With IMC call it teamwork, anarcho syndicalism or whatever, and my blog is really a hybrid anyway with due regard for correct characterisation as non official indy.
Over to the hatemongers at Indymedia Watch, which is so biased as to be living satire, guilty of most of the accusations they level in a highly hypocritical way. But if you care do post a sincere progressive comment. They freak at that as I've found to my lasting mirth (its on the Bob Dylan string).

IMC is big enough to cope with this shallow baiting, and actually can be positively viewed as useful discipline/feedback (with large grains of salt added to sanitise the obviously biased commentary, perhaps paid for by some sad Murdoch hack?):
As a "new blogger", we suggest Tom learn about permanent links, and use them, rather than pointing to the top page of a blog and expecting readers to find it themselves.

The Bob Dylan thread, with Tom's comments can be found here. An earlier example of Tom's bizarre conspiracy theories, wherein he felt porno spam to Sydney Indymedia to be a Government plot, here.

We look forward to adding regular Murdoch income to our other black-bag payment schedules.

Indymedia sites who receive critical comment follow a well worn path of response:

1) Accuse the person of being a "Troll". Used when the collective doesn't want to deal with the point raised.

2) Accuse the person of being some sort of state agent, Zionist, Mossad, CIA etc etc. This is used when the point raised has been written by someone with an intellectual ability above that of the collective members.

3) Ridicule. Used to try and discredit a regular poster who has clearly illustrated a failure or bias.

4) The "all disenters are the same" technique. Used by the UK, French and some US sites. Here when a large number of people begin to complain an attempt is made to try and pretend they are all the same person to lessen the impact of so many complaints.

It's often fun to watch them fall back on these when issues are raised.

ex IMC'er
Utah imc has been overspammed !!
"...Indymedia Watch, which is so biased as to be living satire, guilty of most of the accusations they level in a highly hypocritical way."

Is IMW guilty of anti-semitism, blatant falsehoods, doctoring news stories, denying the holocaust, sticking up for terrorists, advocating mass-murder of right-wingers and police...?
Tom has had problems with his mobile phone. He muses as to the cause:

"One hopes its not some eavesdropper to my phone interfering with the signal in my line of work."

His 'line of work' is delivering newspapers.
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