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Via comments to the previous post comes advice about a post on UK Indymedia, so bad I almost wonder whether it's deliberate satire.
An article has gone up on the UK IMC site as an excellent example of what I was saying in my earlier post today.

A story so full of mistakes, lies and innacuracies as to make it a contender for the Booker prize for fiction and for its "proof", links to such websites as which even by the standards of the so called truth movement is way off the screen.

Despite a number of people posting to illustrate the garbage of the post it has been allowed to reamin, later posts have been hidden so we can safely assume it has been read by an Indymedia UK moderator.

Why are they leaving up this obvious rubbish then ? Well perhaps the clue is in a quote a quarter of the way into the diatribe, "Zionist controlled... corporate media which is an un-elected de facto 4th branch of government" Yes that's right it's our old friends the Jews again.

It seems Indymedia UK will allow just about any piece of obvious nonsense to be on the site as long as it includes the obligitory Jew hater comment ! In the meantime two articles written by black activist in Zimbabwe which document the arrest of 16290 mine workers in a continuation of Operation Murambatsvina which has so far displaced 2.4 million people in Zimbabwe have both been hidden. Robert Mugabe of course being one of those political leaders who is above critical comment as far as Indymedia UK is concerned. I wonder if a story about 16290 Palestinians being arrested would have been hidden ? ex IMc'er
Choice quotes from the article:
During our entire lives there hasn't been over 700 to maybe 1500 people killed by genuine terrorism such as a planted bomb at a cafe going off during a lunch hour rush,or a school bus being bombed.
1,126 people have been killed by Palestinian violence and terrorism since September 2000 in Israel alone (source and details)

Cursory Googling lists other sites which put the figures into tens of thousands.

Obviously none of those deaths count. Of course.
A commando raid on a military facility is not!!!!! terrorism .Valley Forge was not terrorism. Fort Sumter was not terrorism. The attack on the USS Cole was not terrorism. True, there have been stagey
blood-and-thunder simulated/synthetic terror incidents such as Oklahoma City: 5-19-95, NY/DC: 9-11-01, Madrid: 3-11-04, London: 7-7-05,and Amman Jordan: 11-9-05 , all pulled off by western intelligence agencies and their tentacles ,and- with the exception of Oklahoma City - blamed on Muslim patsies.
Well yes, there's that.

Obviously 9/11 doesn't count either:
"9--11" was but a phony as a $3.00 bill,on the cheap dramatization.It was micro weaponry entomopter cluster/formations in N.Y.The perps bastardized the WABC feed ,the only feed we saw early on -mind you-using PROMIS progeny software with CGI blue screenuploads of "cartoon" computer generated images of Boeing 767s in NY.It was a cruise missile- or no telling what - in DC.There were no Arabs. Nothing was hijacked,and nobody flew anything into any buildings."9--11" was America's Operation Canned Goods (Hitler)....Goggle that...Soon,everyone will have abandoned the absurd 19 Arab hijacker fable.
Yup. Any day now.

Gosh those Western intelligence agencies have been busy, and they sure are good at keeping some things secret aren't they?

Here's the part that ex-IMCer was talking about:
Bottom line, an individual isn't a terrorist until that individual has committed an act of terrorism."Terror" and "terrorism" are meaningless racist xenophobic ethnocidal buzz words when they flow from the Zionist controlled, corporate controlled media which is an un-elected de facto 4th branch of government here in this country. "Islamo-Fascists","Islamic Fundamentalist"," Radical Islamist" or "Jehadists" have become silly right wing talking point xenophobic/racist code word designations implying non-Caucasian inferiority or even sub-human criminality. Small wonder so many craven sheeple brainwashed lemming-like Americans equate 26.4% of this earth's population with "terrorist".
There's one bit right at the end, which has me guessing:
Abu Musab al Zarqawi is fiction.''Zarqawi'' is a Pentagon psyop code name and nothing more. He never lived. He never died.

The country is governed for the richest, for the corporations, the
bankers, the land speculators, and for the exploiters of labor.

~ Helen Keller, 1911

She couldn't see. She couldn't hear.But she knew what kind of country
she was living in.

Oh, and by the way, Viva Chavez!!
Surely this isn't real. Is it? One reads so much other material on Indymedia precisely like this, it's impossible to tell. Even if it is satire (and I really have my doubts) I have no doubt some readers will take it entirely seriously, as they are precisely who Indymedia has attracted. And why shouldn't they?

Regular readers will know I tend to overlook the 'hidden' articles on Indymedia newswires as a show of good faith to the (few) Indymedia sites who do run a good outfit (obviously you won't find me commenting on them a whole lot). However, having a look at the complete UK Indymedia newswire, listing what's hidden as well as what isn't, is quite an eye-opener.

This one asks
Why is Indymedia so fucking boring?
Why indeed.

The famous editorial policy is here and notes:
Articles and/or comments may be hidden for the following reasons:

* Discrimination : posts using language, imagery, or other forms of communication promoting racism, fascism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination.
Of course, there's none of that now is there?



The two stories I mentioned concerning reports from Zimbabwe which were hidden have now been edited by Indymedia moderator Shiar. They are numbers 359253 and 359252. They have been replaced with some quick one liner posts to hide what was there.

The story posted to Indymedia was also posted to other sites and can be read here:

Maybe somebody from Indymedia UK could explain what part of the Editorial Guidelines this story and report broke ?

ex IMC'er

Well things have now reached the stage of farce with the two posts. Ilyan has now unhidden one of the posts, made a comment to try and give the post credibility and rehidden it straight after !

This would be the same Ilyan from Carmathen in Wales who so tightly controlled the Welsh Indymedia site (Indycymru) to the extent at one point of letting nobody else be a moderator it finaly closed down altogether. Now that a new Welsh site is being proposed the originators are agreed on one thing at least - No involvement by Ilyan or adverts for his run down computer shop and guest house.

What a sorry bunch Indymedia UK has become and what a lot of work to hide some posts about Human Rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

ex IMC'er
ex IMCer/Raul/Indymedia GB/IMC Monitoring Team is once again spewing out the lies that are part of his pathological make up. He claims only 5 people have a log in to UK IMC (its well over 150), he claims that an article about Zimbabwe was posted when it wasn't, and now he claims that Ilyan has a log in, when he doesn't.

Had he posted that Zimbabwe article to the newswire it would have been hidden because it is a corporate repost:


Hows that for a tagline for 2007?
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never confront Islamists

just let them push you around
change your culture to fit them
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