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MSM Bias

I have long given up on Indymedia genuinely taking the mainstream media to task in matters of accuracy or bias as given Indymedia's problems and refusal to treat them, any criticism would be downright hypocritical.

This is a pity.

Instapundit, raises a similar question about the MSM.

I think it was about two years ago that the issue of journalists being harrased and threatened by Palestinian groups was raised on the UK site. ( I will still an admin then) and it caused a lot of debate.
Those with links to organisations such as the infamous ISM wanted to simply refuse to allow ANY posts or comments that reported on this practice despite it being widespread and recognised by all journalists.
The staging of photos, stories about shelling of beaches by the Israeli Navy, the altering of pictures already taken are all commonplace but rather like the way the BBC and ITV were prepared to turn a blind eye to the drug running of the IRA and Prods because otherwise their access to information would be cut off Western journos in the Middle East face the same problem. In short they have to broadcast the lies and distortions of Hamas and Hizbolaha if they want to get the pictures and video they need.

I'm sure there are many people questioning the accuracy of the Saddam hanging videos but does anyone on the BBC or ITV question it - no of course not because this type of story is news.

Indymedia is supposed to be an alternative to the MSM and should be reporting distorted coverage of this type but of course it does not because the stories have one thing in common, critical of Jews and Israel - Ho Hum

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Talking of bias take a look at

A case that has been posted before on Indymedia UK and once again we have the one sided view being given with any dissent quickly hidden. A thug shoots a policeman in the back because he is making an arrest and what does Indymedia think of this person, why of course he is a hero of the black community and a "political prisoner".

Comments pointing out the truth of the event are of course not acceptable to the knee jerk, "All police wrong, all black people right" mindset of the Indymedia UK moderators.

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