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A post on what's left of Vancouver Indymedia states:
Well kidz, Vancouver Indymedia has finally been moved out of the country. Turns out that local ISP Peer1, who had kindly provided us with bandwidth for the past couple of years, finally got fed up with all the cease and desist letters they were receiving and decided to give us the boot.
I can't imagine why.
I guess the fact that we were consuming about $10k in bandwidth a month may have been a factor too.
I doubt it. You would be getting a bill, rather than the boot.
I'll be taking an extended hiatus from Vancouver Indymedia now. If you're looking for me I'll be freegeeking, hanging out with uberbabes or meditating. If you need to contact me because of a system error on this new server (meuse) I'm always reachable at resist.ca.


agent humble

ps. meuse is running on an encrypted file system so your privacy is better preserved in the case of a raid by the .gov but you're still crazy to leave a trail of inflammatory comments that haven't been delivered through Tor IMHO.

pps. try not to be TOO paranoid...

All to enable the ravings of racists like this one:


In the past I had only taken notice of the UK site because that was the one I was involved with however since reading this blog I have taken a greater interest other IM sites and it seems clear there is one thread that strongly links them all - Anti Semitism.

It seems most if not all Indymedia sites are happy and willing to turn a blind eye to the drip, drip regualr postings of those seeking a Jew free world. I'm not talking about the blatant Nazi stuff posted by full on SS wanabees rather the pernicious constant critical comments of all things Jewish. The constant references to events in Israel while other countries with much worse problems routingly ignored is one we are all familiar with but I think it runs deeper than this.

I attended recently an event in Liverpool, England where we were involved in a labour dispute, I was there to represent some workers who had lost their jobs after a factory closure. An individual from Indymedia France was there (the company had a French parent company) and it was clear he had one agenda, to point out to everyone he could find who would listen to him that the factory owner was a Jew. This fact dominated his thinking more than any other.

Without wishing to be too paranoid is it possible that a controlling influence is at work here ? We have all seen examples of instances where Indymedia sites have been in effect taken over by a small clique who then dictate editorial policy. Maybe, just maybe this is planned and orchestrated.

ex IMC'er
No, it's no accident.
The "New antisemitism" has become a pervasive and defining feature of Indymedia culture, though some Indy's manage it better than others.

It's an ironic, though not uncommon
syndrome that far-left culture includes violent perverse racism and incitement of genocide "in the name of world peace."

The way to remedy this sickness is via legal action, especially using human rights legislation if it's available in your jurisdiction.

Most Indy's are located in democratic countries, ie: UK, USA, European Union,and access to human rights may be more accessible in some than others. Canada has good access. There have been a number of human rights cases nailing internet hate mongers, but all so far on the far-right. My case breaks the "ice" by being the first one to target the "far-left." legal actions against Neo-Nazi internet sites in Canada have caused a sudden drop in far-right Cdn. hate sites.

Vancouver Indymedia's is undergoing a few changes now that their long-time administrator has been clearly identified and served with a Federal human rights complaint.

I am Harry Abrams, the complainant in Abrams V. Vancouver Indymedia

If you are a UK citizen and wish to do something similar, maybe I can help.

Great site, keep up the fine work :)
Indy Media Watch readers may be interested in this post to the UK site.


A chat last night with one of the (until the recent restrictions) IMUK moderators revealed the full story.

It seems the internal war which I had thought had been won by the current small clique of near Stalinist moderators has in fact flared up again.
There is going to be a meeting in early February which is officialy being refered to publicly as a routine get together when in fact a determined attack on the current anti Semitic editorial policy is going to be made. It seems that one two many anti Jewish comments have been made by those involved with the ISM who also work on the site. My contact expects a fun filled evening !

Watch this space

ex IMC'er
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