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An article on LA Indymedia asks Why the Left is Silent About 911 Truth and conspiracy theories.

They are?

The article then goes on to blame........Wait for it......Have you guessed yet.....Jews for controlling the Left-Wing
The fact is that the left-wing/liberals are dominated by Jewish activists who, let's face it are pro-Israel as a Jewish state and therefore they are Zionists. To be pro-Israel as a Jewish state is akin to being pro-apartheid in South Africa and actually it's worse than that because what's been happening to the Palestinians since 1948 (and now the Lebanese) is obviously FAR WORSE than what happened to blacks during apartheid South Africa.
If Israel is responsible for worse apartheid than South Africa, how is it so, that a Palestinian man or woman can walk onto the same bus as Israelis, or into the same restaurant as Israelis, or into the same nightclub as Israelis and blow himself up killing all of them?

Of course it gets better:
The Zionist/Jewish dominated media has trained the American public so well, of all creeds, to look at Israel as the poor little victim in the Middle East and at all Jews as the most victimized ethno-religious group in the world and in the universe throughout history for all time--- BUT the fact is the Jewish activists played a leading role in the bloody and brutal Bolshevik Revolution and the Communist movement --- this is one reason Jewish people were not especially popular leading up to the WWII. Of course many innocent Jewish people were killed during WWII but obviously many innocent people get killed during any war, yet Americans (and the world) are constantly only reminded of Jewish deaths during WWII.
So there you have it. Jewish media control, revision of history and justification for the Holocaust. I haven't even printed the remaining errors of fact in the piece.

But don't worry about the author. He goes on to explain why he's not an antisemite. No really.

Thus far, there is only one comment so here's a question for Indymedia: Why is the Left silent about antisemitism?

These are the ravings of a widely recognized antisemite. She posted her ravings anonymously because she knows that most IMCs hide her stuff on sight. But even anonymously, her fixations and prose stylings are pretty distinctive.

To LA Indymedia's credit, they hid the post both times it appeared. They've hidded lots of other sludge from Wehrmact Wendy. There are other IMCs, however, which have not hidden Wendy's latest conniption.
Indymedia has an obsession with Jews and Israel (always called opposition to Zionism as though that made it OK !) that confuses me. I would have thought the only true democracy in an area full of repressive, bigoted regimes that have a less than enlightened attitude to womens rights and racism would have received the overwhelming support of the typical Indymedia reader.
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